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Do You Want To...

* Attract Clients With Integrity and Professionalism?

* Be Valued For Your Resources?

* Grow A Profitable Practice Based on Trusting Relationships?

Of Course, You Do!

Now ...

... You Can Inspire and Encourage Immediate Action 
To Hire You

... You Can Forget "Sales Reluctance"

... You Can Serve More Clients By Educating Prospects As A Caring, Trustworthy, Accessible Expert!


When I met Sally, new in her solo practice in family 
law, she was discouraged because nothing she did seemed to get clients into her office while she was paying a hefty monthly rent. She hadn't a clue about how to get the people to see the benefits of what 
she offered and how she was different from other 
local family lawyers. 

In six months of working on her marketing communication and interpersonal skills she was 
giving seminars, doing a column in the local paper, 
and easily filling her appointment calendar, making 
over five figures.

When Hal, an experienced and talented therapist, 
came to me, he was in the dumps because of his 
sinking career, working part-time in a community 
clinic, and barely surviving on his savings. In four 
weeks he had compelling, people-savvy self- presentation and self-
promotion skills. 

After only four months, he was snapped up for the 
job as the leading therapist, spokesperson, and 
marketer for a regional chain of weight-loss hypnotherapy centers, making nearly six figures.

Sally and Hal answered YES to the above questions 
and started their best business years yet.

Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D.







... Because They Found That Your Interpersonal Communication
Skills Are the Best Indicator of Your Present & Future Success!

But How About You?

If you believe you can increase your clients up to 20%
in only 3 months in 5 education-based, relationship-building, 
people-smart communication steps ... without "selling,"

You CAN!

Wouldn't It Be Great IF ...

* You could easily and simply create ongoing value-based visibility 
and credibility? 

* You could stand apart from others in your field by focusing on 
what ONLY you can provide?

* You could transform your overwhelm into the liberating experience of 
control and confidence.

* You could develop energizing ways to effectively and efficiently address 
the problems and wants of your specific audience? 


You CAN!

Educate To Connect Marketing  Tips Can Help You
Discover How To 

- Confidently and competently "toot your own horn" in effective, efficient, trust-creating ways

-  Make your practice promotion client-focused & user-friendly to magnetically attract prospects 

-  Differentiate yourself positively and ethically from others in your field

-  Be known, liked, and trusted in your community both online and offline

-  Provide ongoing, useful, value-oriented information to prospects

  Promote your practice comfortably without even a hint of selling and do it with

... Credibility, authenticity, and integrity
... Competence, confidence, and dignity

-  Easily convert prospects to satisfied, loyal, referring clients through your interpersonal communication skills. 

What Your Private Practice Requires to Be Successful

Because private practices deal with some of the most stressful experiences 
in life, your value-oriented, education-based marketing materials need to show prospects that you are especially sensitive to their situations, concerns, and distress. 

They will not know unless you tell them. This is why you need to be a smart 
and savvy communicator. They want and need to hear and feel that you are 
the only one who offers the best help they can get to solve their problem and relieve their distress.

Who Am I?

Like you, I am a professional practitioner who believes that connecting with
prospects and clients requires you to share what you know and believe with 
them ...  so they can know and believe with you.

I provide the solution to your marketing problem.

You can do that most effectively and intimately by demonstrating your
availability as a trusted, understanding, and compassionate resource. 
As a social psychologist, I can show you what your clients expect to hear from 
you and how you can give it to them.

As an interpersonal communications expert and educator, I can guide you to the best way to publicly communicate with prospects to grab their innermost desires and needs.

I help you correct your marketing problems.

As a coach/consultant of emotional intelligence and social effectiveness, I can prepare you to create marketing communications that offer empowerment as well 
as desired problem solutions.

I help you fine-tune your marketing for better results. 

As a marketing and life coach/consultant, I have worked for over 29 years with 
solo professionals, like you, who have shown me the outstanding results that practitioners can achieve by their use of simple education-based relationship marketing strategies. 

Educate To Connect Marketing Tips can help you effectively communicate 
with prospects by showing you how to: 

- Educate them about what they need to know
Over-provide value to them so they identify with you and trust you

- Create people-smart, ongoing relationships with them that encourage loyalty
Offer prospects and clients the best...all without even a hint of selling.


If You Want To Attract Clients to Fill Your Practice, 
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It is designed to help you evaluate the current state of your marketing and what 
you need in order to communicate effectively and efficiently to attract your prospects and convert them to loyal clients who refer.

Educate To Connect Marketing Tips bi-weekly e-zine shares with you articles, 
advice, strategies, resources, events, announcements, and relevant offers on presenting and promoting your practice smartly, comfortably, and profitably. 

This is Your Opportunity to Make Things Happen For Yourself and 
the Practice You Believe in, Desire, and Deserve! 

Sign Up for the Educate To Connect Marketing Tips ezine NOW.

Yours in attracting your ideal clients with caring,
people-savvy, educational marketing without selling,

Dr. Signe

Your Professionals' Marketing Communications Coach/Consultant 






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